A call for a "Unified Metropolitan Mobility Score"

Ever since the modern GIS (Graphical Information System) database came into being, there has evolved a need to determine how accessible a land area is. In the metropolitan region this can mean how accessible a location is to : Walk to, Reach by ferry, Reach by Tram, Reach by Train or Subway ... etc.

Mostly current technology relies on existing databases from such entities as Google Maps, Microsoft Earth, or any number of existing national GIS databases that have an online mapping component and API (Application Programming Interface) that is accessible to the general public or software of website developers.

The current problem
A walkability number (or transit friendly number) completely fails to account for real world conditions such as Winter, Adverse Weather, Crime, ... and the current walkability and transit numbers only seem to work with the limited datasets for GIS object location available.

A possible solution
The walkabiliy number is just an integer, limited from 1 to 99. It has no other component.

Complex numbers (a+bi) are better suited for conveying variable conditions as the number has more components.

Touples (like the [x, y, z] coordinate pairs) might also be more suitable -- providing that there no more than 3 of them.

Coupling Walking and Transit accessibility numbers to ultimately determine the reachability of an area must be a simple mathematical process that should be possible to do with only knowledge of Addition or Subtraction or the Average() function.

Most importantly, the algorithm must be

The mechanics of the unified walking number

Notable rules that must be followed in encoding a 2nd or 3rd number

1. How does the terrain behave for the pedestrian or bicyclist or transit commuter IN WINTERTIME (in the Southern Hemisphere, SUMMERTIME). 
2. How does the civil engineering of a physical metropolitan space make it less accessible for walking, biking or commuting?

Technical References

What is walkability, bikeability or transit accessibility?



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