Domestic and International Broadcasting (onward points of reference)

Last Revised : 13 November 2015 (appearance adjusted) 

Current HF Band Usage (Government Regulation)

Spectrum use in Australia / NZ / Pacific Islands
International Broadcasting Organizations (that are involved in SW broadcasting)
  • (Association for International Broadcasting)
  • (National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters, US)

Bargain hunting, services

  • (Repair and Refurbishment, global) : Refurbished LW / MW / HF / FM transmitters
  • (HF services for Australasia : Voice / Data / etc...)
  • (HF services for Australasia : Voice / Data / etc...)
Broadcasting Technology (Transmitters)

Europe & Asia
  • (A Swiss German Chinese Company that makes high power SW transmitters)
  • RIZ (Croatia)
  • Telefunken (Germany / Austria)
Broadcasting Technology (Antennas)

Broadcasting Technology (Transmitters)

Broadcasting Technology : Software : Ioncap & VOAarea

DRM (modulators)
  • Spark is a realtime modulator software for Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM), DRM+ and other radio standards.
  • The software supports all code rates, bandwidths and robustness modes (A, B, C, D, E) published in the DRM standard as well as all mapping schemes, such as Standard Mapping (4, 16 and 64 QAM), Symmetrical Hierarchical Mapping and Mixed Hierarchical Mapping.
  • Additionally, Spark can generate MDI, AM+AMSS, FM+RDS signals.
Full Service HF Broadcasting Brokers (Europe)

Related DRM products

Reference Sites (Relay Station Infos) 
Shortwaves for Scientific Research (Radar, Ionosounding, etc...)

Current HF Band Usage & Monitoring / DX Groups

English Language Domestic Broadcasting on SW
Miscellany (LW, MW, HF)
Miscellany (VHF, UHF, SHF)

Cryptography and transmission related

Timezones: when [and where] to send email and to target radio broadcasts