The Monaco - Gibraltar Political Solution for "Quebec Independence"

Recent alterations in Quebec MRC political demarcations make Quebec independence possible
On 1 January 2002, Quebec City and 12 other municipalities of the Communauté urbaine de Québec were merged into to the new Quebec City. This new "megacity," which is divided into 8 boroughs.

Municipal Council Borough Former Cities Existent Before 2002 Merger
La Cité Quebec City (The micro-municipality Notre-Dame-des-Anges is enclave within Quebec City.)
Les Rivières Quebec City, Vanier
Sainte-Foy — Sillery Sainte-Foy, Sillery
Charlesbourg Charlesbourg
Beauport Beauport
Limoilou Quebec City
La Haute-Saint-Charles Lac-Saint-Charles, Loretteville, Saint-Émile, Quebec City
Laurentien Val-Bélair, Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Cap-Rouge, L'Ancienne-Lorette, Sainte-Foy

The new Quebec state should occupy this area of land with the exception of Levis, no more -- no less.

Quebec city local political geography

MRC in the above image means "Metropolitan Regional Community", this is analogous to NZ or Australian cities that have merged (by state or federal request) but where the local council still maintains some local zoning (etc) powers.

This is end of the geographical part of the proposal.

Political, economic etc matters should be resolved either along Monaco or Gibraltar lines

Quebec Province: Impacts and fixes

Banking & Finance

Citizenship Protocol

First Nations Land Settlements