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International & Domestic Broadcasting : Overview

Telecommunications Disaster Recovery Services
  • Provisionally available in Canada only.
  • Limited to Marine and Amateur Radio networks until 01 MAY 2025.

 This organization uses Open Office 
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... Notable NZ Telecom ...   | The New Zealand Wiki | History of the NZ Internet | NZ Internet timeline | Make your own telco |

Secure Telecommunications Systems : Consulting Service, research done or ongoing

A "White Paper" on voice scramblers (PDF).
Ongoing research projects (secure communication systems) 

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Bing | DP | DuckDuck | Google | GFC |

Scientific Research : BOINC Client-Server Distributed Computing Projects (volunteer computing)

  1. Deep Space Network @ Home (Recovers Voyager Program mission & New Horizons mission telemetry) -- an important "add on" the the currently existing Deep Space telemetry reception systems. 
  2. Error Correction Codes @ Home (Monte Carlo Error Correction kernel & toolkit / research suite).
  3. Hyperinflation Predictor @ Home (to predict hyperinflation risk in an economy).
  4. A Climate Prediction, Fluid Dynamics and Cryptography coprocessor for distributed computing.
  5. A Climate Prediction "Resolution Independent Trickle Data Interface for Distributed Computing" ... 
  6. A distributed computing cryptography research project is needed to find Intel & AMD rogue microcode in the x86 (and x86-64) architectures that is being used to create instructions that allow for "Privilege Level Escalation" essentially eliminating the x86 state machine's ability to handle secrets. The project should also look for the new instructions (or modified existing instructions) within the code fragments of existing operating system code on Microsoft Windows & Apple Computer systems that have an x86 microcode patching framework.

Scientific Research : Broadcasting, Telemetry and Internet

Audio Engineering & Broadcasting
  1. DVB-T2W : A 10 MHz to 24 MHz per channel DVB-T transmission system for Australia, Canada and NZ.
  2. A proposal for a modern Kurier System to allow for millisecond pulsed relay of Morse Code over HF. 
  3. Fractal antennas are needed for reliable ASTC 8VSB DTV reception.
  4. There is an art to audio compression: recommended bit rates for MPEG, MP3, Ogg & AAC encoding
  5. A global encoding standard is needed for International Broadcasters to relay [real time] information (and text only websites) using radioteletype (RTTY). The wired Internet does not always work! (Work in progress!)


  1. Barcodes need to be decoded (and encoded) by an open source system that implements processing pipeline that has some similarities to the BOINC client system. This barcode system service must be free of any and all intellectual property. Most ad-hoc barcode encoders & decoders are closed source.
  2. A <barcode> tag proposal for HTML / XML / SVG or MathML.

Cryptography & Information Theory (Coding Theory) related

  1. A Low Complexity Fix for the MD5 family of cryptographic hash functions, "Backward + Forward MD5".
  2. A Constantly Variable "Entropy Mechanism" for Verifying BitTorrent Clients.
  3. Using BitTorrent objects as rotors for secure file or object transfer over the Internet.
  4. A Generalized Framework for Internet Filter Evasion (still a set of ideas in formation). 
  5. In Error Correction OR Cryptography : Concatenated Coding is more secure and reliable ... as Information Theory and Coding Theory fundamentally function the same way with respect to concatenation.
  6. Onward reading, Winnowing and Chaffing are underused in cryptography.
  7. Maritime AIS : Ready for continuous use by security intelligence networks everywhere... [not related to the Maritime section here]
  8. For any language : How many bits of "stateful complexity" does a Verb or Noun have? (Work in progress!)

IT Systems

  1. The spreadsheet wiki : It often takes dozens [or hundreds] of people working together on a spreadsheet to keep its accurate and authoritative. Google Docs (Wiki) has a limited non-wiki variant of the idea called : Google Sheets. The Google version of the technology is still a work in process.
  2. Financial Transaction Processing Systems have unknown hyperinflation failure risks relating to IEEE 32 bit (and 64 bit) number overflow (per comp.risks [add link to website]).
  3. A global standard for 24 bit, 40 bit and 72 bit floating point numbers is needed. 
  1. FTP-NG "FTP Next Generation" : Adds resilient download and upload functionality to FTP based on protocol concepts and data structures borrowed from BitTorrent. In essence, a new FTP state machine.
  2. A BitTorrent Private Tracker Client "Accounting Error Message" Protocol.
  3. Some overdue Changes to Make BitTorrent Clients and Protocols More Functionally Useful.
  4. Proposal for improvements to the existing NTP networks in Australia, Canada and NZ.
  5. A wireless internet access point social protocol system that works. Namely, a open access point that allows one to subscribe to a subscriber access point (to be written someday).
Time Signals Distribution
  1. The Android OS needs a few functionality improvements too, and some have been implemented. [Time Transfer issues still are a problem!]
  2. Distributed Time Service with Advanced Features (needs to be Wikified to optimize design).

Space Science & GIS (Geographical Information Systems)

The Electrical Power Grid

Social & Technical Commentary (proposals, cartoons, graphs)

  1. A looming crisis for the Creative Class in New Zealand (based on the ideas of Richard Florida, badly in need of a 2017 revision)
  2. A Monaco or Gibraltar type solution for a Quebec Sovereign State -- but this has mostly been rendered moot due to the coming Civilization Reset events coming around Late 2021 or Early 2022. 
  3. Film & Television you probably have not seen (AU) : Australia On Screen, ScreenSound Australia.
  4. Film & Television you probably have not seen (CA) : Canadian National Film Board.
  5. Film & Television you probably have not seen (NZ) : NZ On Screen, NZ National Film Unit.

Social & Technical Commentary : Global Finance Crisis related
  1. The 0th Law of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, any Economist or economic theory that does not heed this law just cannot be trusted.
  2. The North American & European Union region will only recover from the 2008-2009 mortgage market induced depression around 2024 at the earliest -- via civilization reset circumstances.
  3. The ongoing Global Economic Depression that has been created as a result of the Global Finance Crisis needs a name, so here are some suggested names.
  4. The Gilt Dragon Omen (aka The "Vergulde Draeck" Omen) that will announce the decline and collapse of the US Dollar.

Odds and Sods
(may be moved or deleted at any time)

Broadcasting Sector News
Global Finance Crisis assorted onward reading (REVISION DUE DEC 2020)

Max Keiser (US & Eurosphere);
Calculated Risk Blog (US); The Economic Collapse Blog (US, and other vaguely related articles); NotQuant (EU); Global Financial Crisis (AU); Investment Watch Blog (Global, has RSS feeds); Interest.co.nz (video); Debt Deflation (AU, research blog).

Crikey (AU); Financial & Eurozone Crisis (UK); House Price Crash (UK); Who Crashed the Economy? (AU, economics blog); Shadowstats & Energy Economy (charts; US, EU); The Money Illusion (global, assorted); BN (US, economic news);
Global House Prices (Global Property Guide). One of America's most significant political prisoners has some economic research worth reading [ 1 2 ] ...

FOREX Ratios to watch as the US Dollar disintegrates due to the arrival of Herculobus and its Flying Circus

Computer configuration
  1. Test your PC speakers with Simply Noise [ random noise ]
  2. Test a browser's Web Audio API.
  3. Test your connection with SpeedTest useful for testing for Video Codec Compatibility (A B) 
  4. Is your VPN leaking information? Test for it : 1 2 3 + Fix or mitigate problems found (A B)
  5. Test a website's TLS ...
  6. Measurement Lab also has related website testing tools.
  7. Test browser JavaScript performance : Google Octane (-) | JetStream  | Dromaeo | Kraken.
  8. Java @ Oracle : [1 2 3 4] ...
  9. Non-proprietary (Open Source) Java : [1 2].
  10. Flash is a defunct web technology [ 1 2 ], test for its version & security [1 2].
  11. Test browser privacy : How unique is your browser
  12. Test browser standards compliance : Acid3 | Ringmark 1 2 |
  13. Test browser security compliance : SSL aka TLS | SSL Labs : View Client | Key Length FYI
  14. Test browser standards compliance : bmark 3D (base w3 standards rendering) | HTML5 |
  15. Test browser standards compliance : Javascript (add if & when available) ...
  16. Detect a browser's "Device Type" via its User Agent String : 1 2 3 4 [A B]
  17. Time sync tools for Windows [1 2]
  18. Visit the 1st CERN World Wide Web (w3) website before you needed all the browser tests due to all the many and varied web standards.
  19. The somewhat hidden world of Tor Services [ W 1 2 3 4 5 ] ...
  20. And a Browser Test Website ... if you missed the earlier ones above ...

Computer tools, various

  1. General scientific calculation : Wolfram Alpha [1 2 3], or simulate an economy.
  2. Handy tools : x86 CPUID [FAQ PC], Hardware Monitor and GPU detector.
  3. Webcam emulators for [Windows | MAC | LINUX] so needed for all remote working during the >>Pandemik<< .....
  4. Is your webcam secure? Most webcams are not secure aka password protected ...
  5. P2P must be fixed, as BitTorrent is broken. WebTorrent Desktop (website), a Web2Web capable client.
  6. Reasonably secure voice and texting [ 1 2 3 ].
  7. You can edit a .torrent file, or visit a Torrent search engine or cache a torrent [ 1 2 ].
  8. If Microsoft's video editor is not usable, one can use [1 2], or test a flat screen for bad pixels.
  9. Virtual Magnifying Glass if the one your PC operating system is not usable.
  10. Print to a PDF file if the operating system or browser does not do it : PC [1 2 3]
  11. Generate random numbers, strings etc... or decode a barcode.
  12. Windows Hard Drive defragmentation applications [ ultradefrag ];
  13. Linux defrag  commands: e4defrag (ext2, ext3); @ BTRFS ....
  14. Windows Registry Cleaners [ CC Cleaner, ... ]
  15. Netgear's Genie (free, on multiple platforms -- but it is closed source!)
  16. Run Android OS on x86 PCs
  17. Submit a bug or design flaw to the Android project [ FAQ OS-Build ] ...
  18. Webmaster's Toolbox : Website Reachability WP WP-GFC VDNS GFC
  19. Drive Erasers : (x86 CPUs) Eraser vs DBAN vs ...

Assorted Open Source Sources

  1. Open Mapping : GeoServer (Open Street Map, Geo Names)
  2. Open access to Supercomputer Jet Stream Cartography
  3. Open Marine charts, see Maritime Computing section ...
  4. Open Source : Replacement for Microsoft Project; or build a bridge.
  5. Open Source Telecom : Paperless faxing; or run an autonomous regional wireless Internet
  6. Open Source Telecom : Emulate a modem or boostrap a DHT and work around the currently flawed DNS system etc ...
  7. Open Source : Boot a PC :  U-Boot (as in UEFI) & Coreboot.
  8. Time sync : Radclock, the possible next direction for NTP.
  9. Run a kind of Freenet, but not like the Tor one.
  10. Is a website readable? Try Open Dyslexic fonts. 
  11. If a video won't play on your PC, try CCCP (MPC) or GOM or KM Player or VLC [+ffdshow codecs].
  12. Tor is partially broken, but there is I2P [ 1 2 3 ].
  13. Notable "Disk Imaging Utilities" [ 1 2 List (ETCHER) ] for USB Flash Drives (italics: not open).
  14. SMART (USB, Flash & Hard Drive) Diagnostic Utilities for most PCs ( 1 2 3 ).

Maritime Computing, Telecommunications and Environmental Monitoring

  1. Maritime Automatic Identification System (AIS) [ 1  2  3  4  FAQ ]
  2. Wind Turbine simulators QB1 QB2  & Iceland's Wind Turbine Company (conventional turbines there last ~3 years)
  3. Will you be flooded by the Sea due to the 2020s Civilization Reset ??? [1 2]
  4. Mapping  yearly "dh/dt" (h = height {m}) of the {Mean Sea Level (MSL)}: FT 2 3 4 .... 
  5. Just exactly how radioactive is the Ocean overall? [1 2 3 4]
  6. Open Sourced Marine Charts (A B C D; Server Codebase; Navigation System; ... )
  7. Canada's Pacific Ocean Research Network Ocean-Networks that is also part of a larger network.   
  8. Know your ISP's Undersea Telecom Cables [Submarine Cable Map m2 m3]
  9. Know your ISP's Land based Internet Traffic Exchanges (and other ISPs as well) .... 

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